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over 7 years ago

UI Design guide, SDK, and Emulator released for Samsung Gear S

SDK, UI Design, and Emulator

The new Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0 Beta3, and updated Gear S emulator are now available on the Samsung Developers site!

Remember, use of the new Gear SDK is not required for Round 2, nor will it be considered for judging. However, you are welcome to take full advantage of it as you update your app.

For more information on the UI design for the Gear S, check out: How to design apps on Tizen Wearable devices with multi-resolution. This document includes information on how to design application layouts so they can run on multiple Tizen devices.


Finally, in order to help you to make your Gear apps more stable in Round 2, Samsung has released an App UI case & solution guide containing solutions for the four most frequent issues which cause an Gear app to fail certification. Make sure to read through it to help streamline your certification process.

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