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over 7 years ago

Updating finalist apps for Round 2

As you prepare for Round 2 of the Samsung Gear App Challenge, don't forget that you are encouraged to modify and improve your finalist application from Round 1. These improvements may include such things as additional functionality or features, changes to the application name or type (i.e. Standalone to Integrated or Linked), etc.

Per the official rules: "There will be an opportunity for eligible Participants to improve or modify the application submitted in the first round. Such improvements are encouraged but not required. Participants may not submit an application update that bares no resemblance to the original application, as determined by the sponsor and administrator."

Please note that you may only enter one updated version of your finalist application into the competition.

Remember, you must resubmit your updated Gear App to Samsung GALAXY Apps and receive certification by the certification deadline - October 10, 2014 at 5pm EDT. PLEASE allow time for your app to go through the Certification Process and be released on Samsung GALAXY Apps before the certification deadline. Note: Certification and store release timing may vary depending on the app and when it’s submitted for certification review.

Information on device updates will be provided in early September! If you haven't already, register for Round 2 now so you can receive all challenge-related updates!

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