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Thank you Samsung & ChallengePost

It is a very valuable chance for us to promote RunnerBeat in the Samsung worldwide conference.
We got very much experience for attending the event.

Thank you all the staffs from Samsung & ChallengePost, who were in charged & worked on this app challenge. Your effort is highly appreciated.

Please keep on creating this kind of app challenge events, which greatly support indie developers like us.
Looking forward for more innovating devices coming from Samsung.

Indeed RunnerBeat is an idea born because of this Samsung Gear Challenge.
We will continue to work on RunnerBeat & an updated version is coming soon next week.

We are feeling lots of luck, and the lucks are kindly given by people around us.


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    Grats! And I'm curious, did Samsung compensate travel and hotel costs to you?

  •   •   over 7 years ago

    Are you GEARed up ? .. yes, you are !! Congratulations again

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    again, congrats on sweeping both prizes :-) Your app is great and the wins were well earned.
    And nice to meet you in person in SF!

    Best wishes,

  •   •   over 7 years ago

    Yes nice to meet you and other teams in SF.
    Yes the hotel & airfare were provided to the teams.

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    Cool, I wish I was among top 10.

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