•   almost 8 years ago

If you like RunnerBeat, please help to vote for us

Hi all,
It is Lok, a UX designer from Hong Kong.

I think we all have made many good apps in these 2 rounds of challenge.
And I think the reason for me to be picked to be the finalists is just because of some kind of luck.

Here we kindly invite you to vote for RunnerBeat if you like this app.

It is a Gear app which bring little more fun to your running.

You can watch the video demo & vote in here:

You can also leave me a message here if you got any comments, so that we can improve it

Thank you ^_^


  •   •   almost 8 years ago

    I'm unable to vote for it as I am not able to try the application itself. (Of the ones that used the pedometer functionality, this was the one I had personally pegged as "best" based on the video).

    I'm in the USA using a Galaxy S3 and Gear 2 Neo. Unsure what aspect of this means I can't find it on the store? Thanks!

  •   •   almost 8 years ago

    Currently we distributed the app to support Galaxy S4 or later device.
    We will release a S3 version when we have tested in shortly.

    Thank you for your comment ^_^

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