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[Request] Critique "Puppy Pedometer" please!

Despite losing, I still want to get "Puppy Pedometer" to the "feature complete" stage. So, if you have a spare moment as a fellow competitor, please let me know what you think needs to be improved. Or perhaps the entire concept and implementation just isn't interesting in the first place? I want your harshest criticism. :)

Link to the ChallengePost page: http://challengepost.com/software/puppy-pedometer

I'd also appreciate feedback on "Penguin Suvivor" (http://challengepost.com/software/penguin-survivor) as well but that is something I'm not expecting to eventually ever charge for.

Thank you!


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    Probably not much help but I thought it was a really cool fun app! It was one I had earmarked as a potential top 10 winner so I am surprised to see it isn't in the top 40 :(

  •   •   almost 8 years ago

    None of our virtual pet app won:( I thought either PlantBeats or puppy pedo will make it to top 40. I think we may have scored in novelty and design but didnt score in customer potential. I guess the idea of virtual pets is outdated. Anw It was nice challenge:)

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    @gemixin and @tonyi87 - thanks for the kind words. :) Appreciated.

    For others: Still would appreciate any feedback on what could make my application a better experience! Be cruel! Be mean! It is perhaps true that the concept simply serves too niche of an audience to be profitable and the application is my least downloaded despite being the one I have put by far the most effort into. Just that it doesn't appeal to others personally is useful feedback. (If there was any way to make it appealing - like synching to some specific fitness server or something - that would be useful too. Or it could just not be salvageable).

    I plan to continue with the Tizen version but up until now the platform has been my sole focus. I had made everything in libgdx which ports to Android Wear though and I've been experimenting with that process over this weekend. Hopefully can yet find a market for the application between the two and generate more interest in user's trying it. :)

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