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Express your Disappointment

Results are out! Congrats to the winners. But i feel some ideas are brillant and deserved to win and some are just ridiculous... Porting games and ideas from another platform can simply reach top 40... how much points were these app awards for novelty? zzz


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    Come on! Please don't start a cry thread like last time! Everyone who can't lose should not participate at contests. There will always be the ones who win and others who lose (including me).

    Congratulations to the winners!

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    Congratulations to all winners!

    Which I had spend some more time on it....

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    I want to stress that I think most of the applications that won are great and I congratulate the winners.

    The only disappointment I have is that one entry on the list doesn't actually work. Like it is impossible for a judge to have actually used. I won't name exact names in text to avoid it being found in a google search but I still cannot believe an entry that doesn't currently work and will never work (the creator has stated they won't make the needed hardware available unless top 10 which they didn't make) is a round 2 winner.

    But a minor quibble, I suppose. Will continue development myself and look for the next challenge. :) Take care and was a fun competition!

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    @wolfgangk I am totally cool with losing but i think It is healthy to express disappointment:)

    @phdgaming Yeah. If i know this is earlier, I would have design an app that can fly me to the moon. Just that i will build the rocket if i reach top 10.

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    It would be great to know how much score app got.

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    Lets hope that the creator of "BackCountry Navigator for Gear 2" read the revised winners list before the initial winners list.....

    talking about Disappointment... I bet he/she is Disappointed

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    I definitely believe the top 10 were used. They all seem excellent, and personally I'd put $ on POI to take the belt home.

    As far as the rest go, I think some (like the one you mentioned) weren't used. The other ~140 had the same range of quality and there were some notable absences.

    Definitely a lot to be positive about. And because the Gear is basically giving a webpage to work with, a lot of our code can be extended/repurposed for different platforms, which is pretty awesome.

    Plus with none of us Americans in the finals (I pour one out for Backcountry's app getting booted) Samsung should have to spend a few extra bucks on Airfare now :).

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    will vote for a guy excluded Poland.

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    @Nate920 I was surprised to see POI in the prize list because I tried the app (same type of app as mine) and found that the voice recognition didn't work at all and worse still, the app continuously fetches your current GPS location. Even if you quit the app on the watch, the phone still gets the current GPS location. I had to force quit the app from application manager to stop it draining my battery. I notice there is no attribution of the Google Places API either which is a reason I used Foursquare (less featured) because the Google Places API require quite strict attributions that weren't suitable to the Gear screen. But apparently you don't need to bother with this!

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    @gemixin - Well then that's funny. I'm just going from their description, screenshots etc.

    Guess I'm not the only one :).

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    Kind of annoying about the attribution because my life would have been much easier using Google Places and I could have added a lot more features, but like a fool I thought you'd have to adhere to the attribution policy (https://developers.google.com/places/policies)

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    Unfortunately, I read them in sequence. If a typo can put me in the Top Ten for all of 31 minutes, we can't expect all judging to be perfect, or logical. ;)

    Trying not to think about what fatal flaw got me booted. . . Maybe they didn't try it till this morning and it crashed or something. But more likely just a typo.

    If the criteria included "something that the other developers can't find fault with", there might be zero on the list.

    If judging seems arbitrary, its nothing compared to what happens in the marketplace. If you can crack that, you can succeed without winning any contests. I hope all of your apps are doing well for you financially.

    I'd like to meet up with some of you if you are at AnDevCon next month. In fact, I have a $200 coupon if you want to go to AnDevCon. Don't know if I will be at SamsungDevCon yet.

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    Of course all these who didn't won are disappointed (myself included) ... We all spent time and resources, but we can't be all winners :(

    But 2 things bother me:
    -> Jugging process (the judges didn't even need to install/test the application, just to look at the video and screenshoots) ... But the same thing also happened in Round 1, so no surprise here.
    -> The vote for "Popular Choice" is restricted to Top 10 (the ones who already won 50/100k) ? What about the other people who got in the finals, or 3rd place ?

    Anyway, congratulations to all winners !!!

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    Yes, Why doesn't Samsung open up the "Popular Choice" voting for all finalists?

    That would make our disappointment a little less maybe.

    They revised the winners list, so I bet they can revise this too.

    Then we would have a real public winner, not only one choosen on mistical grounds by judges who didn't even run the app (cant believe that).

    If you''re reading this Samsung, please consider it!

    Or an extra public voting winner, beside this one.

  • Manager   •   almost 8 years ago

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your comments and feedback. Per the official rules only the Top 10 submissions are eligible for the Popular Choice award.

    Section 6.3 states: "There is a maximum of one prize per entry in each round, with the exception that First, Second winners will be eligible for the Popular choice prize."

    All the best,

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    Hi Serena,

    I think we know that, but it seems a bit strange that the "Popular Choice" is restricted to only 10, which we haven't even chosen ourselfs and already have won a major prize.

    its a bit like a president election with only one candidate...

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    According to POI application that was metioned here - the GPS navigation in this app has been introduced in last version, and the author lied in the app description in Round 1.
    Check here: http://challengepost.com/software/poi-nearby-for-galaxy-gear-2--2
    There is following text there:

    "As a extra feature I have also implemented GPS Turn by Turn navigation. If you want to visit the POI you may need guidance to get there. The app can instruct you step by step, just like typical GPS navigation."

    But this feature was not implemented in the app that have won Round 1.

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    But if the judges didn't actually test the app, they couldn't know that.

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    I really hope they did test it because otherwise I wasted my time working on error handling and making my app completely smooth, when in fact I should have made a glossy video of an app that didn't work properly and that is actually illegal (Google could take it down if they chose to because of the lack of attribution).

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