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Post Comp Plans...

I know i have another update in the works - in around a weeks time - some bug fixes and some gear S specific features.

is anyone else planning to continue the journey?


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    It likely will depend on the personality of the competitor as to who plans to continue development. As I want people to use my work, I do plan to keep things running as I always do with my projects. :) With all I've learned from doing this contest, it isn't as if it is that difficult to continue to do updates. Beyond that, I'd also imagine most in the top 10 will do a final update prior to their application announcement at Samsung's conference.

    My personal current Samsung Gear development plans are:

    * Update "Tick Tock Fish" (round 1 loser) for Samsung Gear S along with minor coding improvements I learned from doing round 2. This has been completed but is undergoing testing now to ensure I didn't break anything. Will likely submit this weekend.

    * Update "Clockwork Mice" (round 1 loser) for Samsung Gear S that will likely be next week. I've previously added a battery indicator, 12/24 hour switching support, and an animation to show the current date even after it lost in round 1 as it is just a personal clock face favorite of mine that I use.

    * Add two more animations to "Puppy Pedometer", fix a known bug, and improve "room destruction" states (namely adding one more intermediate unhappy state to the current 3 for more visual granularity along with other indicators in the room being more consistent). Art assets are complete for this but unsure when I will find the time for coding it just yet. Within two weeks likely?

    * "Penguin Survivor" will get a few more stages and some stage tweaks at some point. Features are considered "complete" at this time.

    * My final round 1 entry, "Alien Invasion Game", was built in under three hours right before the deadline as a "just in case there aren't many contest entries" type of deal. Sadly, I'm unsure if I will do anything further with that. It works for current devices... but hard to justify the time to update its code further even for me.

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    for me it will update to be valid for all smart watches types :)

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    My personality tends to be rather pragmatic. While I don't always do it, I should act in a way that will result in a good ROI. Something about wanting to feed my family and so forth.

    Where my current app stands:
    I don't know if even the Top Ten could count on getting a new update through certification in time for the conference.
    Other than that, perhaps I've simply not reached a critical mass, but I've had a surprising lack of end user feedback on the product. That's not usual in my target market. No one noticed the bugs I fixed in Round 2, nor asked for the features I put in Round 2. Just a few buyer comments about how they can't install it (Samsung bug?) and how they will be seeking revenge.
    Updates may settle down until I get some more feedback.
    I envision a whole different kind of app, or apps, for Gear S.

    What I might do:
    - Consider some other apps for Gear 2/S, more general purpose and with less dependencies.
    - The Gear S is an innovative product that could change the market - but that depends on how the market reacts. A different app makes sense in many cases.

    What I'll probably do:
    Spend some time supporting the Gear Live, even though the organizers of this contest don't know it exists yet.

    What I don't know:
    Is this a lucrative enough market that it's worth developing for, without contests, or in the absence of winning those contests?
    Have the rest of you made more money from your apps then you got in the first round?
    The hardware is good, and the concepts are great. It is early, though, in the sense of the percentage of people that actually own smartwatches.
    The smartwatch market is expecting explosive growth, which means by next year, 2% of smartphone users will own a smartwatch instead of 1%.

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    I'll comment on my own question.

    Since the app was primarily targeted as an addon for those who already had my phone app - and secondarily at those who want it, I expect the market size for it to be somewhere around 1000. (assuming 100,000 have the phone app and 1% have a Gear 2).

    I've sold about half of that so far.

    I expect that most of you have done better than that.

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